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In addition to providing Arbitrations for family and property disputes, the team can also provide a comprehensive service for the hearing of Private Financial Dispute Resolution Appointments (Private FDRs), including through remote video conferencing facilities.

The majority of matrimonial finance and property disputes following divorce or the breakup of civil partnerships that go to Court, have a Financial Dispute Resolution hearing (FDR). This will involve a family law judge assessing the merits of each side's arguments. An FDR is a non-binding, without prejudice hearing at which the Court evaluates the respective parties positions but not the evidence. This in turn provides the basis of negotiations between the parties' and their lawyers, potentially avoiding the need for a court hearing or enables the narrowing down of the contested issues.

As an alternative, the hearing of such applications, that is, on paper or by remotely attended appointments, either for one party or for both, can take place before the issue of court proceedings, usually with the voluntary disclosure of the respective parties Form Es.

Given their experience in practice as family law barristers and sitting deputy district judges, combined with their arbitration training and experience, the Team are well suited to deal with Private FDR's.

If both parties agree to the process, Private FDR's can dovetail and work in conjunction with the Arbitration process saving considerable time and costs.

To find out more and explore the various options available, the process, technical requirements and likely fees, get in touch.

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